Are you falling for him?

Love happens to everyone are you falling in love?Is it it defentely love?or is it something that you used to have? or is it not even close to love????

Is it like the real Romeo and Juliet(hopefully not ending in death.)Or is it soemthing you wished it was like.Or is it something like pure hate that you have nightmares of that person

Created by: Allie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you around your guy do you have butterflies in your stomache? :)
  2. Is he all you think about?
  3. When you see his face does it automatically brighten your day?
  4. Are you dating him?
  5. How often do you two talk?
  6. have you kissed him?Or he kiss you?
  7. Can you stay mad at him?
  8. when you think of your sexy dude do you smile
  9. Do you day Dream about him?
  10. Do you feel he won't hurt you in any sort of way?

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Quiz topic: Am I falling for him?