Is hE tHe RiGht one?..

there is sometimes signs to hat he really feelsss for you just take the quiz and decide if maybe he might be the one in my point of view or maybe not the one""

is he really the one?? do you want to know the truth??? do you think hes the right one you could possible be falling for just take the quiz and you might just find out

Created by: betty
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does he call you just to say he loves you?
  2. does he respect you and understands your desisions?
  3. does he try to get along with the people you more care about
  4. does he show his love 4 u?
  5. does he like spending time with you?
  6. do you guys fight for no reason?
  7. does he give you random gifts?
  8. have you ever caught him cheating on you??
  9. does he make you smile
  10. does he control you

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