Does He Really Like You Back?

We've all asked this question at one point: Does he like me back? This quiz is detailed and will accurately predict a crush based on the most common signs. Answer truthfully and think about your answer. You want the truth, not false hope, right?

So, I know tons of these quizzes exist but I feel that this one properly goes through all the signs I've seen, but were never on the quizzes i've taken. Have fun!

Created by: leafclan
  1. Are you guys friends? If so, how close?
  2. Does he tease you? How?
  3. Does he have your number? If so, does he use it?
  4. Do you guys have any inside jokes or do you tell each other secrets?
  5. When you guys talk, how does he react?
  6. If and when you guys walk together or sit next to each other, what usually happens?
  7. Does he have a crush or girlfriend that you know of?
  8. How do his friends react when you pass by?
  9. What is the most common thing you guys talk about?
  10. Why do you like him?
  11. What's the age difference between the two of you?

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