Rare Signs he likes you!!!(girls only)

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Hi guys! Take this quiz and see whether he likes you! I created this quiz using some subtle body language signs a guy would do unconsciously if he has a crush on a girl.

It is necessary that you notice him well in order to read his mind! Next time, check whether he does all these signs and then you can read him like a pro!

Created by: TianaTim
  1. Does he ignore you or was he confident in talking to you first and now he stopped talking to you?
  2. Does he talk more to your bestie than to you?
  3. Does he face himself towards you or is his feet pointed towards you?
  4. Does he scratch his face when he sees you and does he raises his eyebrows when he sees you?
  5. Does he try to be more social and busy.. does he act like he has a life suddenly when he sees you?
  6. Does he avoid talking to you when in a group unless you ask him something? but then acts awkward when you starts talking?
  7. When you pass by him or when you both are in the same room. Does he adjust his clothes or hair often?
  8. Does he look at you while passing by but never smiles? or does he look at you and suddenly smiles for no reason?
  9. Does he smile when you are in a group and someone else brought up your name and starts talking something about you?
  10. Does he lick his lips?
  11. Does he mirror you? for eg: when you lick your lips does he repeat the same?
  12. Is his feet apart and open? when he is sitting with you?
  13. Is his chest thrusting out and does he touch his chest sometimes?
  14. Ok thats it guys..Next time you see him check for these signs and retake this quiz again!! till then bye😁

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