Help! Does he like me?

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So many girls fall into the same trap. "I want to ask this guy out, but I'm so afraid he'll say no. How can I tell when he likes me back?" Most guys display many signs when they're interested in a girl.

DOES he like you? Odds are, if you suspect he does, it's probably true. But you can never quite tell for sure. This quiz will read into the hints he may be leaving you... or might not be.

Created by: Lexi Leah
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  1. The most basic question; does he know that you exist?
  2. How often do you two communicate? (all forms count; face to face, IM, text, etc)
  3. Do you ever spend time with him outside of work/school?
  4. If you were to say 'hi' to him right now, what would his most likely response be?
  5. In classes or social settings, does he sit or stand by you often?
  6. Are you talking to him whilst taking this quiz?
  7. How much attention does he pay to you, compared to other girls?
  8. Does he maintain eye contact when talking to you?
  9. Do people comment, saying that you should date or ask if you are dating? (include friends and non-friends)
  10. Would he consider you a friend?
  11. Does he ever try to touch you? (Not necessarily in a sexual way, but hugging, or holding your hand)
  12. Does he get nervous or blush when talking to you?
  13. Is he ever violent towards you?
  14. Has he ever told you that he cares about you, or that he never wants you to be sad/upset?
  15. Final question: are you two similar in age and interests?

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