Does this girl like you (for other girls)?

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Girl crushes are a natural thing. You like this female but you're not sure she's interested. Maybe you and your friends are picking up on something and are interested to decode her behaviour.

Does she like you? Take this quiz and you may be given a better clue as to whether her behaviour points towards her interest in you or if she just likes you as a friend.

Created by: Astride

  1. How often does this woman/girl look at you?
  2. who starts the conversation?
  3. Does she smile at you?
  4. Do you or your friends think she is gay/into women or get vibes? (clothes, attitudes, has no partner etc.)
  5. Has she mentioned homosexuality?
  6. Has she looked at your body obviously?
  7. How is her eye contact?
  8. Have your friends commented on this?
  9. How often do you see her?
  10. Do you think she likes you?
  11. Is she different around you?
  12. How often does she compliment you?
  13. Does she seek your approval/attention/compliments on something?

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