How to get a girl to like you: Advice after the quiz

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Ok I'm a girl as obvious as it may be ;) I'm really flirtacious and single ;) and yet I'm taken by the sweetest boy in the world....that thinks I'm a creep. Don't let that happen to you!!!

I know girls really well, I'm really good friends with most of the girls in my grade and they all agree! So I think you'll find this pretty accurate..

Created by: Emma115

  1. What do you do with your hair?
  2. Do you talk to her at all?
  3. How does she react when and if you talk to her?
  4. What do you talk about?
  5. What do you where?
  6. Are you guys well aquainted?
  7. How long have you known her?
  8. What are you willing to do for her?
  9. Are you ready to get her to like you?
  10. Here we go!

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