How well do you know Curly Joe?

Curly Joe Films presents the Curly Joe quiz the topic of which is of course Curly Joe the infamous super hero/ puppet sensation! He over took the main stream media in 2005 with his musical shorts and he's coming back with several kinda-full length features.

Will you be ready? How well do you know Curly Joe? Take a couple of minutes and find out, it may be the most important couple minutes that you ever take!

Created by: Curly Joe
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  1. What color is Curly Joe's hair
  2. Curly Joe's first Co-Star was which person?
  3. Where was Curly Joe first introduced to the Unshakable/Underground Youth Group?
  4. Bonus: Super Curly Joe's costume originally contained only this.
  5. Which co-owner of Curly Joe Films was not involved and angry when the other aired "Curly Joe- Behind the Scenes" with out his permission.
  6. Curly Joe's eyes are which color?
  7. Bonus: The famous quote "Curly Joe... but a sandwich" was first said by which person?
  8. Curly Joe has how many fingers?
  9. Curly Joe's Legs were first seen during which video?
  10. Bonus: The co-creators of Curly Joe Filming were both involved in which video short also created for youth group PRIOR to the introduction of Curly Joe
  11. "Musical Medley #1" Starred two animals fighting, a chipmunk and what other animal?
  12. How tall is Curly Joe?
  13. Bonus: Curly Joe's super powers ORIGINALLY entailed this(these) power(s)
  14. Curly Joe Suddenly disappeared and filming stopped during the filming of which video?
  15. Curly Joe's shirt is...
  16. Curly Joe's first video was which of these comedy shorts?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Curly Joe?