Which Stooge Are You Most Like?

Each member of the Three Stooges had their own unique personality. Which Stooge has YOUR personality? Are you the boss, the really funny one, or do people not even pay attention to you? Are you a natural comedian or do you try too hard?

Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Joe, or Curly-Joe: which one are you? So what are ya standin' around for, ya knucklehead?!! Take the quiz and find out now!! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!! Woo-woo-woo!!!!

Created by: stephanie
  1. Are you more of a leader or follower?
  2. Do you make weird, random noises just for the hell of it?
  3. Are you a bit of a flirt?
  4. Are you often ignored by other people?
  5. Do you get angry very easily, even over the smallest things?
  6. Are you accident-prone? (ex. do you constantly trip and fall or smack your head, etc.)
  7. Do you have the tendency to whine and complain about things?
  8. Do you have the tendency to be over-confident?
  9. In general, do people think you're funny?
  10. When you get angry, do you often take it out on other people, even when they had nothing to do with it?
  11. Are you very quiet and reserved?
  12. Or do you make your feelings and opinions known?
  13. At parties, do you do a lot of socializing?
  14. Or do you just keep to yourself?
  15. When someone insults you or deliberately gets on your nerves, do you take it personally?
  16. Or do you just let it go?
  17. Can you play a musical instrument?
  18. Can you sing?
  19. Can you dance?

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Quiz topic: Which Stooge am I Most Like?