Which Stooge Are You?

Threes stooges are probably one of the most renowned comedies of our generation. Unfortunately, it's been nearly 30 years since the last episode and all the actors who starred in it, are dead.

But anyway, which stooge are you? Now, I'm not going to include Shemp or Joe because I don't know them that well. But you know the three original guys right?

Created by: Sarah
  1. You're minding you're own business when suddenly someone jabs you in the back (Unintentionally) with a stick, you...
  2. Someone broke you're violin, you..
  3. Someone throws a pie at you, you're reaction?
  4. If someone tells you to "Take the stand" you...
  5. If someone you knew had a tooth ache what would be you're solution?
  6. If you came up to a person in a wheel chair what would you say?
  7. What would be something that would make you mad?
  8. What would be something you would say in a courtroom?
  9. Are you a fan of the three stooges?
  10. Favourite saying?

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Quiz topic: Which Stooge am I?