Cowgirl in love

Your name is Jordan you and your friends have moved to a small town and bought a ranch when you meet Tate Tristan and jack this follows you through your adventures

Tate is shorter than his friends with longish curly brown hair he rides a buckskin quarter horse. Tristan is the tallest slightly needy and rides a palomino quarter horse. Jack is tall, buff and not the smartest of the three but is very sweet he has curly sandy blonde hair and rides a black quarter horse.

Created by: frostismine
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  1. A few hours later when you and your bestfriends Emilie"emmy" ,Ariana"ani", Molly"moll's", and Leilani"lana" arrive at your horse ranch that you all bought together after colege you btw your name is Jordan wand your nicknames are Horst and Jojo's, go into town Wich isn't that big you're casually strolling down the road looking at all the little shops noticing that there are horses tied to hitching rails outside of all of the shops when all of a sudden a very buff curly haired guy your age yells watch out and you notice that a huge black horse is barreling towards you instead of fainting like most girls would you calmly stand there in front of the panicky creature calming him down when you look up from the now calm horse you see that two other guys along with the Blonde boy are staring at you as is every one else in town.your reaction is
  2. Before you start to ask your question the Blondel says how did you do that blaze never calms down for anyone but me when he spools then realizing he sounded rude he said let me introduce myself and my friends. I am Jack the tallest brunette is Tristan, and the shorter of the two is Tate.
  3. After talking to the guys a while you decide you need to head home so when you tell the boys bye they insist on giving you a ride home they explain they don't have an extra horse with them and you would have to double with one of them who do you want to ride with?
  4. When the four of you get to your ranch they ask you if you and your friends want to go on a trail ride with them you sqy
  5. When you go in the giirls all start asking you who they were and all of a sudden emilie says she has fibbed on Tristan who you had already sort of started crushing on when you storm out of the house you go tack up Frost your dappled grey quarter horse mare and decide to go explore the roads a bit. When the two of you speed past three riders you realize it must of been the guys so you turn to go into the forest after about ten minutes of sitting there thinking you hear someone walking up behind you turn around and see Tate. Hey I thought that was you he rode past us. How did you know where to find me you asked quietly. This is where I come when I need to get away from my friends and I figured maybe you would find it. Oh you say. So how come you didn't want to be around your friends he asked. Well one of my friends said she called fibbed on one of you guys the one she claimed just happened to be the one I was sort of crushing on. You're not talking about me right because I met a girl that I guess your friends with when she came to look at the ranch and I have a huge crush on her. No its not you and I'm gonna guess you like Ariana and it was Tristan and the worst part emilie always does this to me.
  6. The trail ride had come to pass and Tate thought Tristan had a small crushon emilie so he put the plan to get him to fall for you into action he said the way to do it was to fake date tristans ex best friend. When Tate introduced you to him your jaw dropped it was your childhood best friend who was also your fort boyfriend. Jordan meet Mason you interupped Tate its been forever I haven't seen you since we were fifteen. So you already know eachother good but exactly ho do you know eachother Tate asked confused. We used to be bestfriends and she was the first girlfriend I ever had he laughed we went out for a month before we almost went nuts it was so Siward dating your bestfriend and it was hard knowing every guy friend you had wanted you to screw up so they could flirt with her again. So I didn't know you were moving out here last I heard you were winning best barrelracer in the before he could spill your secret you covered his mouth when you figured it was safe to let him speak he finished his earlier foment country. All of a sudden Tate said that's where id seen you before your the same girl who not only was proclaimed best barrelracer. In the country you also were the youngest person ever inducted into the cowgirl hall of fame and the rodeo hall of fame not to mention your horse being the new spoksoerson for aqha Tate seriously stop I don't want anyone else to know. Okay no problem Jordan and by the way were supposed to go to a party at your ranch so you and mason can start making Tristan jelous. Wait what party?? The one were throwing in order for your welcome to the town thing can happen I mean you really need to meet everyone.
  7. When you get to your house with mason you ask him why he is helping you make his best friend jealous and he says
  8. Should I continue this series
  9. If I continue should I add more guys
  10. Who do you like so far

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