How much do you know about Lambeau Field?

Many people know the story of Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin. It is also known as the Frozen Tundra. Have you ever been to Lambeau? Well, it is a great experience to many people seeing players like Brett, Curly, and Vincent.

How much do you really know about the Frozen Tundra? Have you ever been here? Why am I asking these questions, go take this quiz right now!!!!!!!!!!! Until you could only wonder, now go take this quiz.

Created by: Curly

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  1. Which restaurant is the most popular at Lambeau Field?
  2. Is Lambeau Field a open (meaning long and circular), or closed (meaning tight and together)?
  3. What is the end zone in the north part of the stadium called?
  4. True or False. The Packers have a new thing called "G-Force".
  5. Name one team the Packers hosted.
  6. Is there a Curly's Game Zone?
  7. If you said yes to the prievious question, how many games? If you said no to the prievious question, select No.
  8. Is there a Kohl's across the street?
  9. Name one team the Packers played twice.
  10. Final question. Is Favre coming back?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Lambeau Field?