Does she like me? (For Guys)

Every guy can't help but wonder if the girl they like likes them back. Are the signs telling you she likes you or not? Take this quiz to find out if she does or not!

Why do they even make us write these paragraphs? No one ever reads them. It's really just a waist of time. It's really annoying to do, too! But we're forced to. So whatever!

Created by: meesha

  1. Does she talk to you a lot?
  2. Does she ever try to touch you (not in a dirty way...)?
  3. Does she smile at you a lot?
  4. Does she blush when she talks to you?
  5. Does she play with her a lot when she's around you?
  6. Does she tend to dress up a little more for you (put make up on, fix her hair, etc...)?
  7. Does she do wierd things when she's around you?
  8. What does he say when he sees you?
  9. Finish the sentence: You are _____ and she is _____.
  10. How much older are you than her?

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