Does she like you?

Girls and guys have different ways of saying things with their body language. Are you not sure if a girl likes you? Well then take the quiz and get the answer first hand from a girl.

You, being a guy most likely, can't tell if she does or doesn't like you. She acts so weird, o e day she talks to you constantly, the next she totally ignores you! Take this quiz to see if she's falling for you, or if she's just being friendly.

Created by: Likeaboss

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does she ask you questions that revolve around you?
  2. Does she try to talk to you a lot?
  3. Do you see her at random times in your day?
  4. Who says hi first?
  5. Has she asked for your phone number?
  6. Does she try to get close to you, and possibly try to barely touch you?
  7. Do her friends make funny faces at her when she talks to you?
  8. Does she laugh a lot around you?
  9. Has she ever told you that she likes you?
  10. Did you answer these questions honestly?

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