Does He/she Like Me? (Body Language)

Body language is an involuntary instinct hard to control. Even if Your crush is shy and tries to hide their interest for you and does it well, they could still send unconscious signals.

So, do they really like you? Taking this quiz instead of strait up asking them can save you lots of embarrassing and/or awkward moments. Use one of the most dependable ways to find out if your crush likes you now!

Created by: GamerGirl
  1. The first question is the question you'd expect most in this quiz: Do they stare at you often?
  2. Do they blush when they see you/ talk to you?
  3. Does their body or feet always seem to be pointing torwards your direction for no reason?
  4. You talk to them and you lean over towards them. What do they do?
  5. Do they ever seem to mimic you in any way? (Actions such as yawning, crossing your legs/arms, smiling, etc.)
  6. If you happen to be staring at them, do they notice right away?
  7. Any signs of nervousness around you?
  8. Do they seem overall more happy when they see you?
  9. Anyone's eyes can get bigger when they see something they like. How are their eyes?
  10. Have they ever tried to catch your attention?
  11. Sometimes, your gut is right about situations like these. Do you honestly think they like you?
  12. Thanks for taking this quiz! (This is not even a question and won't affect the results.)

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