How do I know whether he likes me or not? Everyone has experienced this dilemma at some point in their life. It's a tough place to be stuck in, but hopefully this quiz can help.

With questions that cover every topic from body language to personal tastes, discover his true feelings for you. Is he in love with you, or does he consider you just a friend? Find out.

Created by: Tintin

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  1. Are you friends?
  2. How long have you known each other?
  3. Do you have a feeling that he likes you back?
  4. How often do you talk to each other?
  5. If you are Facebook friends, who friend-requested whom?
  6. Who initiates your conversations, either in person or online?
  7. When you talk to each other, where does he look?
  8. Have you ever caught him staring at you, and if so, what does he do when he sees you looking?
  9. Does he ever compliment you?
  10. Has he ever invited you to do something?
  11. Does he remember specific details about stuff you've talked about together?
  12. Do you have similar tastes and hobbies?
  13. Does he make an effort to be near you?
  14. Do his friends ever makes any hints that he likes you?
  15. When you're together, how does he position himself?
  16. Does he ever find excuses to touch you?
  17. Has he ever given you...

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