How well do you know Wireclub?

I am an experienced wireclub user. This website is a fun, amazing place to chat with people, make new friends worldwide, and to play some virtual gambling (little joke)

Are you the most experienced user on all of wireclub? Lets see if you are by taking this quiz! This is just an easy quiz so any experienced wireclub er should pass with flying colors

Created by: Lina Pearson

  1. In What country was Wireclub made?
  2. What is the creators name?
  3. How many days do new users have to wait before they can create their own chat rooms?
  4. Which of the following wireclub rooms do people most often call it "rigged?"
  5. True or False: you must purchase WC gold with credits
  6. Which room rating do you have to be 18 to get access to?
  7. Is wire awesome?
  8. Are the mods always fair when they ban people?
  9. True or False: you must pay a hundred credits to change your username
  10. How long is a ban?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Wireclub?