What kind of a GoToQuiz user are you?

Since you're taking this quiz,it means you are a GoToQuiz user or visitor.There are three kinds of users.One is a quiz creator.These people like to make quizzes more than they like to take them.The second one is a quiz taker.They like to take quizzes and making some isn't their thing.The two are just opposites.The third one is a quiz creator/taker.These people like to make and take quizzes.

So,ever wondered which of the three possible results is the kind of user you are?Do you want to know what you should do next in this website?Give yourself a few minutes to read and answer the questions well,and see the answer for those questions.

Created by: ThisIsYandere07
  1. How many quizzes have you made so far?
  2. Are you a leader or a follower?
  3. Which part of the website do you like best?
  4. Why do you visit GoToQuiz?
  5. Do you like taking quizzes?
  6. Do you like making quizzes
  7. How many quizzes have you taken so far?
  8. How did you discover GoToQuiz?
  9. Which of these two jobs do you like?
  10. What do you think is your result?

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Quiz topic: What kind of a GoToQuiz user am I?