What type of quiz should you create?

So, quizzes. They're made, then taken. Some are boring, like the ones at school, but others, like the ones on here, are fun. What you're reading right now is the paragraph on a quiz.

The best part about GTQ quizzes, in my opinion, is the fact that users make them. So, in this quiz, (which was also made by a brilliant user by the name of Selena112) you'll find out which quiz you, a user, should make!

Created by: amazon
  1. So, first off, which word sounds most fun or intriguing to you?
  2. When typing, do you use correct spelling and grammar?
  3. Which describes you the most?
  4. Which would make you the saddest?
  5. Stories......
  6. Is knowledge important?
  7. Justin Bieber.
  8. Well, I have three more questions.
  9. So, once you get your result, will you go create that type of quiz?
  10. Last question, though it's certainly not least. Do you want to create a quiz?

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Quiz topic: What type of quiz should I create?