If i were to tell you i like you, would you accept? Girls only!

Have you ever thought that if a guy were to propose to you whether you would accept or reject? Well, today i was bored so i decided to create this quiz! I don't know about the other guys but i have been afraid of rejection since, i have no idea when! So, if i were to tell you i like you, would you accept or make my nightmare come true,ie, reject me? Take this test and find out!

The reason i made this a test is because i have put everything about me in the questions. All you have to do is answer the questions in the way you like guys to be. Am i your type of guy? Take this test and find out! PS- If you want to know the type of guy i'm, just check the answers after you get your result! Am i your type? Take the test and find out!

Created by: Kish

  1. You like boys with which coloured hair?
  2. Security question, are you a girl?
  3. You like boys with which coloured eyes?
  4. Is there a particular religion in which a boy should be to go out with you?
  5. Describe the type of body you like in a boy
  6. Should the boy be able to cook?
  7. You like boys with:
  8. The boy should be ... in order to date you
  9. The boy should like to watch which movies?
  10. Do you like shy guys?
  11. Should the boy be from a rich family?
  12. Should the boy love animals?
  13. You like boys who play which sport?
  14. You like boys who are:
  15. When choosing a boy to go out with, you look at:
  16. The boy you want to go out with should
  17. The boy should be
  18. Where do you think is the appropriate places to date among these?
  19. Last question, why did you take this quiz?

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