Which made up Harry Potter character are you?

You may have a Weasley boyfriend, be a daughter of a framed killer, or be a hated Slytherin? Which trait follows you? Find out in the ULTIMATE QUIZ OF 'What is your made up Harry Potter Character?'

(Girls Only) girls only girls only ligrs nlyo fi oyu cna drae hits nhte uyo rae os msrta! only girl only girls only if you can read then you are so smart!

Created by: Jessica Eleyeza

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What us your favourite colour
  2. Who is your favourite Charecter
  3. What is your biggest trait
  4. Do you like So Alive by N Dubz ft. Skepta?
  5. Do you have a crush
  6. Do you like School
  7. Do you like to let loose>
  8. What is tour hair colour
  9. What is your favourite middle name
  10. Do you enjoy this art of test making

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Quiz topic: Which made up Harry Potter character am I?