Which Harry Potter Character Is Your Best Match?

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Welcome to my quiz! This will tell you who is your best Harry Potter character match! Could it be the charming Cedric? Or will it be bad boy Draco? Find out now!

If you don't like your result, just retake the test! Here's a tip to get your favourite boy, choose the answer that suits them most! My personal favourite is either Draco Malfoy or Fred Weasley!

Created by: Gamingnugget1204
  1. If your boyfriend took you out, where would be the perfect date location?
  2. What would your boyfriend be like?
  3. When you are with your boyfriend, he....
  4. Your ideal make-out place is.......
  5. You go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant and your boyfriend asks you what you want to eat....
  6. When you finish Hogwarts,what do you and your boyfriend plan on doing?
  7. You and your boyfriend join the Quidditch team. Which role does he play?
  8. Your boyfriend gets hit and injured badly from a spell. What do you do?
  9. Its your birthday and your boyfriend gets you...
  10. Aragog grabs you and ties you up, ready for his sons and daughter to have dinner. What does your boyfriend do?

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