Do You Think I'm Emo?

Hey don't take this quiz if you think it will be a waste of time or be boring. It's more about me then about you sorry. Plus it's my first so it may be kinda crappy.

In the end I don't really care what your result is cause I accept myself for who I am. I don't go by the sterotypical emo, I'm going by what I think is true about me.

Created by: amazon

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  1. I've never cut myself before but I've considered it.
  2. I do have real problems, I keep moving around and don't really have a steady home.
  3. I usually make good grades but lately I hate school.
  4. I don't really get to see my friends anymore. I mainly talk to them through texting or IM
  5. My parents are nice but honestly they don't understand my emotions and beliefs.
  6. I've had several crushes but I've been too afraid to talk to them. I'm 15 and never had a boyfriend.
  7. Is it normal to use make-up as a theatrical, dramatic way to show my pain?
  8. My favorite bands/singers right now are Avril Lavigne, Flyleaf, Tokio Hotel, and All Time Low.
  9. Hey thanks for sitting through a long quiz about me. Sorry if you didn't like it, it's my first quiz. I'm usually a quiet but optimistic person, just feeling like crap right now.
  10. Have a nice day...

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Quiz topic: Do I Think I'm Emo?