Which old skool emoji are you?

Old skool emojis! They're dank, cool, amazing, throwback. We love emojis! We use them all the time, and we express ourselves through them. They're also adorable cutie leedle mooshies! (Sorry I didn't know what else to write lol)

Which old skool emoji are you? This is not like the other quizzes where they give you a boring, 12 question quiz with a crappy result. This quiz is 50 questions long (I think) and I actually put time into working on it, unlike some people.

Created by: Le Derp
  1. Do you like the emo style?
  2. Well in that case, what kind of clothes do you like?
  3. How would you help someone who was seriously injured?
  4. Would you say you're inspiring?
  5. How well do you take care of yourself?
  6. Which of these things makes you feel the most guilty?
  7. Would you rather overdress for an event or underdress?
  8. Which one are you?
  9. What is your eating style?
  10. You and some of your friends are having a sleepover. They decide to order cheese pizza, but you wanted sausage.
  11. Imagine you're writing, I dunno, Valentine's cards to your friends. What special thing do you add to the card?
  12. What do you do when your friend is upset?
  13. What is your biggest flaw?
  14. What do you do after you fight with a friend, and you they need to apologize?
  15. What type of person are you at sleepovers?
  16. How popular are you at school?
  17. What do/did you do at school dances?
  18. What do you value the most?
  19. What is your favorite holiday?
  20. Which of these girl names is your favorite?
  21. (Don't worry, boys names are coming up.) What do you like to do after a long exhausting day?
  22. What category of Halloween costumes do you prefer?
  23. What do you worry about the most?
  24. Which boys name from this list is your favorite?
  25. What is your handwriting like?
  26. How do you like to celebrate your party?
  27. What are you most likely doing in 10 years? (From this list)
  28. How serious are you?
  29. What type of humor do you have mostly?
  30. Can you take a joke?
  31. What do you do when you see your crush nearby?
  32. How many people hate you?
  33. Why do people like being friends with you?
  34. What are you wearing?
  35. Which old skool emoji do you think your bestie is?
  36. Rewrite this phrase. Thanks for the pie, Barbara!
  37. Someone bumps into you and doesn't apologize.
  38. What's your preferred way of communication?
  39. BONUS POINT FOR KAWAII: What does Kawaii mean?
  40. BONUS POINT FOR EVIL KAWAII: What year did Vlad The Impaler die?
  41. BONUS POINT FOR SHOWER SING: What year did American Idol start?
  42. BONUS POINT FOR RICH: How much ($) is Bill Gates worth?
  43. BONUS POINT FOR POKERFACE: What is Pokerface? (Not the lady Gaga album)
  44. BONUS POINT FOR SLEEP: What can happen after two days of no sleep?
  45. BONUS POINT FOR RAGE: What does every women do that can give her strong emotions?
  46. BONUS POINT FOR PREP: What did the term "prep" originally mean around the 50's and 60's?
  47. BONUS POINT FOR STRESSED: Which one is a stress disorder?
  48. BONUS POINT FOR PRIDE: What is Donald Trump's favorite color?

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