How much are you like me ?

This quiz is to see how much you are like me like are you 20% like me or 50% like me or even 100%! I guess you'll have to figure out! There are 10 questions to answer.

Don't worry it's not one of those boring quizzes acctually it's pretty quick. I really hope you enjoy it and it wasn't a waste of time for you! I hope you enjoy !

Created by: MYHORSEDJ22

  1. What is your hair color ?
  2. What is your favorite animal ?
  3. Choose one....
  4. What is you favorite color ?
  5. Your favorite sport ?
  6. What do you love most ?
  7. Favorite football team ?
  8. Favorite holiday ?
  9. Are you still in school ?
  10. Do you have any siblings ?

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me ?