I Need This Quiz!

Haha hey there,I'm not to sure what this quiz is about either really,just a bunch of questions and a result really hehe,just kinda go with it really,I

just wrote what whatever came to mind,hopefully this won't be to much of a waste of time for you,if it is I am so sorry really haha,anyways,hope you enjoy!

Created by: BlackLagoon13

  1. Hallo
  2. Erm so,first question.Why do you like the color white?
  3. So,I like Fried Chicken.Whats your favorite Chicken place?
  4. If you were to carry an object with you at all times,what would it be?
  5. Er,favorite band?
  6. Lips?
  7. Bleh,so.Favorite drink?
  8. Hmm,I'm watching you from your window right now...
  9. Haha,just kidding on the last one :P
  10. Bye!

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