New GotoQuiz user DarkBlue!

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DarkBlue here this is my first quiz I made this quiz so you guys know am a new GotoQuiz user here and see if you support that sorry if it's kind of pointless!

DarkBlue here again this quiz is just to let you guys know am a new GotoQuiz user here so yeah need more stuffs to say and yeah my first quiz and yeah!

Created by: Dark Blue

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  1. Am a new GotoQuiz user!
  2. How's my profile picture?
  3. Will you help me become Novice?
  4. Can we be friends?
  5. Will you support me?
  6. Will you support this quiz?
  7. Will you support my poll too?
  8. How's the quiz?
  9. Will you rate it?
  10. Will you comment too?

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