Friends: Think about it

About a week ago from today, a new user came on gotoquiz, to the forums. They made some points about friendship which really made me think. I said I would spread the word, and I'm doing that now.

The user's name was ForgettableAtEnd, which I found odd because I will likely never forget them. So for everything in this quiz, I can't take credit for. It was entirely their doing, their wit, and their points. So I thank them for that.

Created by: tenten16

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  1. Did you read the two paragraphs? If not, please do.
  2. Do you value friendship? Or is everyone you know a tool?
  3. Do you even remember anyone?
  4. Do you just let your memory of them die?
  5. Is everything you get just something you'll toss away?
  6. What are we humans anyway? Pitiful beings... We treat each other like garbage...
  7. I have no friends. Other people would probably mistreat me... If friends make us who we are then I'm nothing.
  8. And if we don't wear clothes would our weight effect which nudist colonies would accept us?
  9. I'll always be forgotten... I'm just like a breeze... Short lived...
  10. (To the above question we said they wouldn't be forgotten) What makes you sure? I'm just one of the many inhabitants of this planet. And this planet is in a vast solar system.
  11. Memories can fade. And I'm just a user of a quiz site. I'm no celebrity. I just joined this site today, so no one will remember me. In time you will have forgotten this even happened.
  12. (We said we wouldn't forget them) If that is really the case then I hope you all spread this. My goal is really a simple one. I want this message to spread.. So everyone will be known and remembered.
  13. That's all for the said user. Now it's my turn to rant.
  14. We are judgemental people. We judge based on clothing, jobs, the way they talk, walk, their style, their hair, everything...
  15. Why can't we just accept people for who they are?! Why do we feel the need to turn up our noses at people who are less "popular" or "cool" than us?
  16. If you call someone your friend, how do you treat them? Are you constantly making fun of them because they're acting "dumb"?
  17. What about the other side? If your friend is making fun of you, what makes you think that they're a good friend?
  18. I believe that we should accept people for who they are. A cookie-cutter society where everyone is wearing the "right" things would be boring, there would be no one to have fun with because we're always TOO BUSY PLEASING OTHER PEOPLE!!
  19. That's my theory. If you want good, solid, loyal, friends; then you should be able to be yourself without having to worry about them judging you. Just be yourself!! Your the best person for that job, and no one else can do it for you.
  20. With that, I issue a 2-part challenge. Part 1: Be yourself, and no one else. It's simple. Do what YOU want, not what your "friends" want. Part 2: Don't judge others. Very few things hurt more than being outcasted because people don't think you're "cool" enough.
  21. I've done my part, now please spread the word. Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day. :)

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