"I have Never..." (Extended Version)

Okay. The way this game is played is where you have a couple friends, (about 5 - 10 friends. When you take this quiz you won't have to have that many friends, just fill in the answers. If you want to have that many friends, I'm completely fine with that.) and you all sit in a circle. You have a cup with alcohol in it, and people start to say "I have never (put action here)" and the person who has done that action will take the cup, say "I have!" and take a sip from the cup.

The rules of the game is to be honest, and try to get as many sips from the cup as you can. You must be honest, but at least try. The person who is the drunkest wins the game.

Created by: Br0wnies
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  1. "I have never broke the law."
  2. "I have never met a celebrity/got a celebrity's autograph."
  3. "I have never liked Justin Bieber."
  4. "I have never injured badly/murdered someone on purpose."
  5. "I have never done something very bad just because someone I love told me to."
  6. "I have never done anything embarrassing and someone walk in on me."
  7. "I have never kissed someone."
  8. "I have never got pearcings/tattoos."
  9. "I have never dyed my hair."
  10. "I have never done Animal Cruelty."
  11. "I have never done drugs."
  12. "I have never broke a bone."
  13. "I have never rode a Roller-Coaster."
  14. "I have never accidently vomit on someone."
  15. "I have never fired a gun."
  16. "I have never passed out because of alcohol poisoning."
  17. "I have never cheated on a test."
  18. "I have never ate pet food."

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