The Ultimate Sly Cooper Quiz

Sly Cooper is a nice video game played on the PS3. He has two friends who he trusts deeply and formed his gang. He often gets chased by Interpol and seems to always defeat the evil villains although he is a thief.

Are you a true Cooper fan? Do you know everything about the fun game of Sly Cooper? Are you a master Cooper? Well, thanks to my Sly Cooper Quiz, in just a few minutes , you can completely find out!

Created by: Michael
  1. Let's get started. Which of these clips' names does not exist in Sly 1?
  2. What colour is Sly's beret?
  3. How many lines of master thieves are there in Sly 4?
  4. How do you make a sneak attack with Sly?
  5. What is Carmelita's middle name?
  6. Who is not in the fiendish 5 gang?
  7. Who is not in the Klaww gang?
  8. Which of the weapons/gadgets below didn't Bentley use/invent?
  9. What did Penelope battle with in Sly 4?
  10. What is the operation name to defeat Penelope in Sly 4?
  11. What is the operation name to defeat El Jefe in Sly 4?
  12. What kind of animal is Neyla?
  13. How many games of Sly Cooper does Dimitri Losteau make his appearance?
  14. What does Sly leave at the crime scene after he makes his move?
  15. What colour is Sly's fur?
  16. What is the award you achieve when you defeat Jean Bison in Sly 2?
  17. What is the award you achieve when you free Rioichi in Sly 4?
  18. Who is Bentley's girlfriend?
  19. Almost done. Which of these gang names is not real?
  20. Last question. Who does Sly love?

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