l-l-love story 1

Ok well you are sixteen and you have moved from New York, America. You have to go to school the day after you move. You meet 3 great guys there called Cooper, Manny and Kendall.

Cooper-Floppy brown hair,little athletic so he has a 4 pack Manny-Short Blonde Bieber Haircut, athletic has a 6 pack Kendall-Floppy Black hair with a green streak, not athletic at all

Created by: tabsta1

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  1. You wake up on Monday and look around. Nothing looks familiar."______, are you up yet?"yell's your mum. "Yeah, I'm up" "Good, then you can get ready for school, come down here and look through some boxes for your stuff". Then you remember that you moved over the weekend to Australia from America.
  2. You get downstairs and look through some boxes and can only find your backpack filled with your stuff. So you just put on the clothes you had yesterday but it's kinda crinkled. As you walk to school, you stomach groans and you realise you never had breakfast. 'oh well' you think 'ill just have to eat more at lunch time'. You look in front of you then and see 2 roads and you dont know which way your school is. Which way do you go?
  3. You decide to go right but b4 u move, a cute guy with floppy brown hair, wearing a white tee, jeans and sneakers. "Hey" he says. "Hi" you say back. " you going to CumberLand High School?" "yea" you say. "well its this way"he says and points to the left street. "oh" you say. " So you must be new, my name's Cooper" " My name's _____" He then pulls you along so you fall into step with him.
  4. "ok" he says "so why are you new here? did you get expelled from your last school?" "NO I DIDN'T GET EXPELLED!" "ok,ok sorry i was joking. but seriously why did you come here?" "I moved here from America" "WOAH COOL!" "now you have to answer one of my questions. Where are the Kangaroo's and Koala's?" He starts to laugh. "What?" you say. "I can't believe you fell for the old rumour that we live in a desert and kangaroo's and koala's live everywhere". Before you can fight back, your at school, so you walk off to go get your list of classes.
  5. You get your list and go to your first class. Luckily everyone is just heading in so you quickly choose a seat at the front. As you sit down, a guy slides into the seat next to you.He looks like he plays alot of sport because he looks really fit. His hair is blonde and cut like a really short bieber cut. He's wearing a shirt with a name of a band on it and jeans with rips paired with some new nikes. The class starts and he doesn't stop staring at you the entire time. The teacher looks at him and says " Manny, Pay attention!"
  6. As soon as the class ends, you grab your stuff and stand up but some one is blocking you. You look into the person's face ready to tell them to move but before you can say anything he says "hi" "hey, now can you please move i have to get to my next class" "where is it? i'll walk you there?" "No thank's, i can find it myself". As you step round him, he grabs your sheet that was on top of your books. "HEY!" you say. "Hmmmm...P.E. eh. C'mon it's on the other side of the school, you'll never find it by yourself" he says.
  7. You start to walk with him because he still has your sheet. "Can I have my sheet back now?" you say. "Here..." he says as he gives it to you. You try to walk off but he grabs you by the arm and says " My Name's Manny by the way" "Get off of me". "Tell me your name first" "Fine...It's _____" "That's a pretty name...well here's the Gym. Look after yourself eh". You open your mouth to speak but by then he's long gone and you can see him walking away through the crowd.
  8. You walk into the Gym and sit down with your sheet to figure out where everything is. You look up 2 seconds later and more people have arrived and a guy is sitting next to you. You see his hair is black and kinda floppy with a green streak. He's wearing a skull tee and a leather jacket, black jeans and some leather shoes. He looks at you and locks eyes with you. "Hey" you say thinking you should start. "Hi" he says. "My Name's ____" "Kendall...you the new girl from America" "Yeah...How'd you know that?" "The Cooper kid is spreading it round" "oh" "so why'd you move here?" "KENDALL, _____! can you stop talking and pay attention" yells the teacher. You turn and listen to what he is saying. So you can't say anything back to him. You don't find any of the boys for the rest of the day.
  9. You start to walk home and Cooper starts to run up to you. "_____! ______!" You turn round and stop walking to wait for him. By the time he reaches you, he's out of breath. "Hey" he says "May i walk you home?" "Ummmmmm...sure. If you want to." "I want to" he says.
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