A Vampire Love Story ♥Part 3

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MUST READ: Hey!! A Vampire Love Story is about just what it sounds like! Connor, Nathan, Ethan, and Brandon love you in a way nobody has ever loved you before. I hope you fall in love with one of these boys! Hope you Enjoy!

MUST READ: Im so sorry I haven't been keeping up with my series. I've been doing other quizes because I got a little writers block.. So I hope you enjoy this one! :) MUST READ MORE: Please remember to Comment&&Rate when fineshed.!! I would like to know what you thought of this quiz and if need to make some few aggustments, you know stuff like that. And most importantly, comment if you really did like it! ThanksMuch!:)

Created by: RemysFault

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  1. Where were we? Ah: You entered a store, and came face-to-face with your worst enemy. "Oh, hello Katherine. Haven't seen you in.. three years." She said in her squeaky voice. "How bout that Mocha you promised me.." You said back. "Hm. Well, lets go then." Annabel crossed her eyes and stalked out, turning back around when she realized you weren't following her. "You,uh, comin'?" She asks, natily. "Yep, one sec, okay?" She waves you off. "I'll meet you there then. We can catch up at Starbucks. Nine?" You nod and she proceeds to leave, hesitating barely. OK, this day was getting awkward.
  2. After you three left and got home, it was strangley quiet. "Hmm." You say, walking around the house. "Where's Nathan && Brandon?" You ask. They both look at each other and shrug. "Who knows." Connor says, walking into the kitchen. "Well, okay. Imma go get cleaned up." You say, eyeing everywhere. It doesn't matter that their not here, but it seems different. "Okay." Ethan says. You run upstairs and hop in the shower. After your fineshed ((Oh, no! You forgot to take your clothes off! Jk jk.. I've done that once..)) QUICK! What do you put on??
  3. You walk downstairs with whatever you have on, and go into the kitchen. "Hey, guys." You say to all four boys. They look up and there mouths drop. "H-h-h-hey, Kat-t-t-t." Nathan stammers. "Wow, you look GREAT!" Ethan says, closing his mouth. "Oh, thanks." You reply, looking down at what your wearing. "Well, I have to go. Can I take a car?" Yes, A car. They have, like, four. "Mm hmm. Which one do you want?" Nathan asks. "Hmm. the Farrari?" Connor nods. "Ok," He toses you the keys and continues: "You sure you dont want me to take you?" "Im sure, Connor." You say, then leave the house. You get into the car and drive towards the Starbucks.
  4. You arrive at Starbucks and see Annabel. You get out and walk up to her. "Hey there. Ready for your Mocha and some catching up??" She says and you nod. Um, yea?? She orders your stuff while you find a seat. When she comes back, your all ready. "Here's your Mocha, hun." She hands it to you and smiles. She sits down and drinks her own Mocha. "Mm, good." She says. "Yep.." You say, feeling the awkward. "Okay.. tell me how your life has been so far." She says, looking actually curious. You tell her about your mom and dad, always fighting. You tell her about your friends, the boys. But you do NOT tell her about your new and unimproved life as a Vampire. ((Yes, you are a Vampire now.. :) )) She nods whenever you come to a stopping point, like she understands you.
  5. You finsh your story. "Wow. You have a.. crzy life. No offence." She says. "Oh, its nothing.. personal. Really." She nods. "So, tell me about you?" You continued. "Ok..." She starts to tell you about moving to New York and meeting someone, he proposed. She didn't, couldn't, answer. So she told him she has to go. She drove for miles and miles and miles and ended back here. She hadn't wanted to end back up here, but she did. She tells you about this boy, and the people she's met. "...None of the boys I dated up there were as good as.. Bryan." She fineshes. You look down at your hands, feeling the lump in your throat. You nod, not wanting to talk and have your voice crack, as if your going to cry. "Oh, thoses boys never knew what hit them. Not even.. Bryan." I looked up, confused, but then realized what she was talking about. The accident. She was there. Right in the back seat. In the middle. She described it as anyone else would have, freaking scarey. She and one other girl were the only survivers. The only three boys didn't survive. Bryan, Derek and the other girl's brother, Brennon. ((The other girl is Alyson.)) And if you went to wear they hit the pole, you can see the dent in the pole. Its little, but you can tell when you in the car in that lane. Wow, right??
  6. You say your good-byes and go your seprate ways. You were driving home when you see a figure in the middle of the road. You thought it was just a animal or what not, so you continue to drive. But as you got closer, you saw that it wasn't an animal. It was a person. You quickly stopped the car and rushed over to the person. As you did, the person turned into a man. A boy, really, not much older than you. You kneel down and to look at his face. "Oh.. Holy.." You say, horrified. His face... Umigod, his face was all jacked up. ((Dont worry, I wont give you the gory details xD)) It was all blood and blotchy, like the skin was ripped. And one he was closed, while the other was wide, wide open. He was shaking madly when you realized that he didn't have a shirt or jacket on. But, yes, he had pants.. Buh, Holy ... he had a sexy six-pack! "Ok, not time to think of that.." You say to yourself. You look up and see another figure, not a human being but a jacket. You get up and rush to the jacket. You pick it up and turn back around ((I can hear you saying 'Oh, merda..' in a way xD)). And.. nothing. No one was there. You start to panic and suddenly, a hand covers your mouth, and you scream at the top of your lungs. Then everything goes black...
  7. What was your last thought??
  8. ((No Effect)) What is your favoite male country singer?? Please leave a comment for which on you picked. PLEASE OR I WILL.. um.. oh, just please!!??
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  10. Will you take Part 4??
  11. ***SPOILER***SORTA***???*** Brandon wont be in the next one at all.. Im bored of him. But he'll be in it soon, I promise.

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