LA Summer Love Story, Part 5.

Hey, and welcome to the LA Summer Love Story, Part 5. Since this is the fifth quiz in the series, I decided to bring back all 5 original characters - Adam, Jayson, Josh, Tyler, and Jimmy.

This quiz is the most dramatic so far in the series. Feelings will be hurt, names will be called, faces will be slapped. And who will be there to comfort you when you're down? Take it to find out.

Created by: AddiBabyy

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  1. Who did you get on part 4?
  2. It's a few days later. Tyler and Josh are both back from their trips.
  3. You've just eaten breakfast, when you hear a knock on the door. You go to answer it. It's Tyler and Josh!!
  4. Josh's hair looked even blonder than it did when he left. He looked soooo cute. He smiled at you a huge, gorgeous smile and said "I missed you sooo much, _______!" Then he gave you a big hug. You say...
  5. You look at Tyler. He has a beautiful, beautiful tan. He's wearing new sunglasses, and smiling at you adoringly. He gives you a huge hug and lifts you up. You say...
  6. Then they each take one of your hands and you all run down to the beach. You all stand there, talking for a while. And they both keep hugging you. They really missed you.
  7. Right as Josh is holding you tightly, some beautiful model-looking girl walks up with an angry look on her face. "Josh?!" she says.
  8. "Hey, Chelsea," Josh says awkwardly. Chelsea looks at him with fire in her eyes and says "I thought you and I had a thing? Who is this girl?" she points at you.
  9. Josh looks at you with love in his eyes. Then he looks back to her. "This is ______," he says, "I really like her. You and I don't have a thing."
  10. She looks at him soooo angrily and says "SERIOUSLY?! So I wasted two months liking you for nothing? **** you, Josh." Then she looks at you with the most evil look you've seen. Then she walks off.
  11. Josh looks at you and says "Please don't be mad at me... I used to kind of like her, before I met you. I just kinda stopped talking to her so..." You say...
  12. He makes an awkward/upset expression, and says "Yeah well, I gotta go unpack. See you guys later." and he walks off.
  13. You look at Tyler and say "That was... weird." He says "Yeah, the thing is, I don't like the fact that Josh and I both like you so much. It makes things kind of weird."
  14. Then he leans in to kiss you. You...
  15. That night, you're sitting on a blanket on the beach, chilling and talking to Jayson. "I really like you," he says, "I know I tell you all the time, but I'm just saying." He smiles.
  16. After that little conversation is over, you two are just chilling, talking about everything. Then that girl from earlier walks up. She says "So, wow, you steal Josh from me, and then you're cheating on him with this loser?"
  17. She says "You know, I've seen you around. I see you with tons of guys, all the time. What? Did you just come here for the summer to hook up with everyone in LA?"
  18. She gives you a look and says "Just watch your back, little hoe. Be careful who you talk to like that." and she walks off. You look at Jayson and say...
  19. Jayson stands up and yells towards her "Hey, hoe! You leave this girl alone or I'll have someone take care of you! You got that?" Then he takes you by the hand and you two run all the way to this wall that he always sits against. You two sit down.
  20. He says "Listen, I'll always look out for you no matter what happens between us. Don't worry about that girl back there. I won't ever let her do anything to you." Then he kisses you on the cheek and walks you back to your aunt's house.
  21. That night, you're lying in bed and you can't stop thinking about...
  22. The next morning, you wake up and go downstairs. Adam is sitting at your kitchen table. He looks at you and smiles when you walk into the kitchen.
  23. "Good morning, sleepy head!" He smiles at you cutely. "I haven't seen you in a couple days and... I miss you." He stands up and walks over to give you a hug.
  24. Then he says "Hey, you want some cereal or something?" You say sure, and he gets up and pours you a bowl of Cheerios. "You sleep well?" he asks.
  25. After you eat your cereal and talk to Adam for a few minutes, he checks his watch and says "Hey well, I gotta get to football. We've got summer training. Hah, it's a pain." He kisses you on the cheek and leaves.
  26. You go back upstairs and get dressed, and then walk down to the beach. You spot Jimmy, sitting against "Jayson's Wall", listening to music.
  27. You walk up to him and go "Hey Jimmy!" and smile. He smiles and says "Oh hey, ______. How's it going?"
  28. He smiles again and says "Good! Wanna go for a walk?" You say "Yeah, sounds great!"
  29. You guys go for a walk and talk about (cute) dorky, goofy things like how Jimmy just beat Angry Birds, and how he misses playing soccer.
  30. Suddenly, that snotty girl from last night walks by and says "Wow, ANOTHER guy? Stupid hoe." You turn to her and say "Seriously?! That's enough. You don't know me. You don't know anything about me. So really, it'd be great if you just left me alone." She looks dumb and speechless, and walks off. "Who the heck was that?" Jimmy asks.
  31. "Oh..." he says, then he shyly says "You want me to do anything about it?" He's trying to act like a tough guy for you!
  32. You two keep walking, and then a couple punk-ish looking kids in band tees walk up and say "Hey, Jimmy! They just got some new games in at the arcade! You have to come!" and they pull him by the arms away. He shouts to you "I'll catch up with ya later, ______!"
  33. Then you walk back down the beach, and spot Adam talking and flirting with that mean girl.
  34. You try to walk away, but Adam spots you and shouts "Hey, _____!" So you walk over there...
  35. Chelsea (the mean girl) says "What the hell, Adam? You're friends with this hoe?!" Adam takes a step away from her and says "Um, ______ is NOT a hoe. She's the coolest girl I know." and he puts an arm around you.
  36. She says "Oh my gosh, seriously?! This girl is UGLY. She's a hoe. And she flirts with every guy in town. She.... ugh!" She slaps you across the face.
  37. You start crying, and Adam grabs her by the shoulders and pushes her back "THAT WAS SERIOUSLY UNCALLED FOR. NOW GET OUT OF HERE AND DON'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE!"
  38. She gets teary-eyed and walks off. Adam pulls you in for a big hug and says "It's okay." Then he pulls out of the hug so he can lean in to kiss you...
  39. That night, you're sitting in the sand, by the shore, crying. You know you're being a wimp about all this, but everything has really gotten to you, and you're just questioning all the decisions you've ever made. Adam, Jayson, Josh, Tyler, and Jimmy all walk up and look at you sympathetically. Which one is the one that will really be there for you? Stay tuned for part 6!

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