LA Summer Love Story, Part 6: Road Trip!

Heyyy and welcome to part 6 of LA Summer Love Story. In this one, you'll go on a road trip with all of your Los Angeles friends. It'll be a real blast.

You'll be having a great time on the beach trip with all those hotties, but there will also be some drama. One of them has a GIRLFRIEND. And one guy wants to steal your heart, but he's bad for you! Take it to find out!

Created by: AddiBabyy

  1. Who did you get on Part 5?
  2. You're finally over all that drama from several days ago. Ever since Adam yelled at that mean girl, she hasn't messed with you again.
  3. You've just gotten home from having dinner with Tyler one night, when your cell rings. It's Adam!
  4. "Hello?" you answer. Adam says "_____, guess what!" "What?!" you say excitedly. "Well, we're arranging a beach trip! Do you think your Aunt Lisa will let you go?!" he says. "Well yeah, of course, it's Aunt Lisa! But why would we go on a beach trip? You all live on the beach!" Then Adam laughs and says "Cuz we wanna go away for fun! Stay at a beach house togehter! You wanna go?!" Then you say yes, you do want to go.
  5. Then Adam says "Alright awesome!! Well, so far the people going are you, me, Jayson, Josh, Tyler, Jimmy, Miranda, Todd, Carter, Bryce, and Jack!"
  6. You two hang up, and you're really excited. You run downstairs and say "Aunt Lisa! Adam just invited me on a beach trip! Is it cool if I go?!" Then Aunt Lisa says "Of course it is, sweetheart. Just let me know when!" You go back upstairs and text...
  7. After texting for a few minutes, you fall asleep. Then you wake up the next morning to someone shaking you and saying "______, wake up!" It's a familiar voice that you love... you open your eyes and... Jayson!
  8. "Morning, Jayson." you say sleepily. Then he smiles and says "Good morning, gorgeous. Guess what happens tomorrow!" You ask what. He says "We go on a beach trip!" You sit up in bed and smile. "Tomorrow? Awesome!" Jayson kisses you on the cheek.
  9. Jayson tells you that you guys are gonna be there for one week. Then he leaves. And you pack your bag. What color swimsuit do you pack?
  10. When you're done packing, you walk down to the beach. The first thing you see is a couple kissing. Then you double take. It's JOSH!!!! And some girl!
  11. You walk closer, and in a very quiet, sad voice you say "Josh?" He pulls back and sees you. "______! I, uh..." Then the girl says "Who's she?" and you say "Who are you?!" Josh says "Looks like I've got some explaining to do..."
  12. Josh takes the girl's hand, and then pats you on the back, as if to lead you both over to a table to sit down. He says "_____, listen. This is Kara... my girlfriend." Then you say...
  13. He says "Yeah, well... Kara and I have been together two days now. I've been waiting for the right time to tell you, cuz I know you and I kinda had a thing, or at least I thought we did, but you're going back home in a month, so it just didn't seem like a good idea. Sorry."
  14. You walk off, and sit down by the water. Then Jimmy and Tyler walk up to you and Tyler says "Hey cutie, you going on the beach trip?" Then you say yes and Jimmy says "I think I've almost convinced my parents to let me go."
  15. So then you go on a walk with Tyler and Jimmy, when Jack walks up to you guys. Remember Jack? He's friends with Jayson and Bryce. He has longish black hair that he sexily runs his hand through, and he has intense eyes, and a gorgeous chiseled face. He's a terrible bad boy who was mean to Jimmy, but wanted you. "Hey," he said. Jimmy kinda frowned. "Listen," Jack said, "Jimmy. I'm really sorry I was a jerk to you a few weeks ago. I was just... I don't know. And _____, sorry I called you Jayson's Hoe or whatever. I didn't mean any of it, guys." He kinda smiles at you guys.
  16. Then he looks into your eyes, then look away, at Jimmy and Tyler. "See you guys on the beach trip." He walks off. Jimmy says "Everybody messes up sometimes. He might be a cool guy after all." You say...
  17. You guys keep walking and Adam runs up and hugs you. "Beach tomorrow, baby!" He smiling. He hugs Jimmy and Tyler too. "Dang, dude, you're hyped up!" Tyler says. Then Adam says "Well yeah, beach trip with all the buds. Pretty exciting!" He puts an arm around you.
  18. When you're walking home that even, you get a text from Jayson that says "So excited for tomorrow! Luv you!!! :)" You text back...
  19. The next morning, you wake up at nine. You get dressed, brush your teeth, and brush your hair. Then your hear a car horn, and run out the door. "Love you, Aunt Lisa!" you shout on your way out. Then you hop in the van. There's a seat available by Adam, or a seat available by Jayson. Who do you sit by?
  20. Josh is driving, and his girlfriend Kara is in the passenger seat.
  21. About 10 minutes into the ride, Josh says "Guys! What music do you wanna listen to? We have a Lil Wayne CD, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga!" You say...
  22. Then you guys all sing along for a while. Even Jayson, Jack, Bryce, Carter, Todd, everybody. It's pretty funny!
  23. Then you guys are about halfway there, and you stop for gas. When you get back in the car, you all rearrange seats. You end up between Adam and Jack.
  24. Jack puts his arm around you. You...
  25. Finally, you guys are there. You run inside the beach house. Miranda says "_______, let's get this room over here!" Jack looks at you disappointed and says "So you're not sharing a room with me?" Then he laughs, and walks off.
  26. After everybody settles in, you walk out on the beach. Several people are around you. You notice Josh and Kara walking off alone, and decide to grab a guy. You turn around with a flirty smile on your face. Bryce and Jack are standing behind you. It ends up that your eyes meet with Jack. He wraps his arms around you and gives you a big hug. You...
  27. Jack swings his arm around you slyly, and says to Bryce "Me and _____ are gonna take a walk. Later." He winks, and you two walk off. You say...
  28. He wraps his arms around your waist and leans in to kiss you. You...
  29. After that, things feel kinda weird so you walk back to the group. Jayson looks at you and says "I was wondering where you were!!" Then he takes you by the hand and pulls you aside. "Look _____, be careful going off alone with Jack. He's my friend, but he's known to be kind of a player, and he's dangerous. Plus... I care about you a lot." He hugs you.
  30. Then you go inside for a while. Miranda and Kara are sitting in the living room, talking. "_____, come join us!" Miranda shouts. You walk over there and sit down. You end up talking to them for half an hour or so, and Kara is actually really cool and nice!
  31. That night, you and Miranda are getting ready for bed when someone knocks on the door. "Come in!" you shout. Then Jack walks in. "Hey," he says, "Anybody need a lullaby?" he laughs. He seems a little bit drunk.
  32. Miranda says "Hey. Drunk dude. Get out of here." But he walks over to you. He lays down next to you. You say...
  33. He kisses you (whether or not you wanted him to). Then Miranda says "Get out! Now!!" and she comes over and pulls him off of you, and throws him out the door. He shouts "I love you, _______." and you hear him stumble off.
  34. The next morning, you wake up and walk into the living room. Jayson and Jimmy are sitting on the floor, playing PlayStation3. Jack and Bryce are sitting on the couch behind them. Jack is smoking a cig, and Bryce is drinking a Monster. You...
  35. You walk down to the beach a few minutes later, and Adam tackle-hugs you. You two are locked in a long, cute hug when Tyler walks up. He looks at you and says "Hey, uh, _______, sorry to interrupt, but I really like you, and it kinda looks like you like someone else.." You say..
  36. Tyler says "Alright." and starts to walk off. Then Adam says "Wait dude, come back! It doesn't matter who _____ likes. We're all best friends, right?" Tyler nods and smiles and you guys all play a game of beach volleyball.
  37. That night at dinner, you're sitting at the table, eating a slice of pizza and looking down at your plate. You can feel too many peoples' eyes on you, and you don't know what to do. You end up looking up at...
  38. Okay so just to let you know, part 7 is also going to take place on the beach trip. This result is just kinda telling you who your beach trip lover is so far, lololol. So I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you take part 7 when it's out! Who do you like?

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