The Love Story That is Yours

This story will tell you about love. It is about five boys who might like you who do YOU like? If you guys like this then i will make more so it is imporrant that you comment.

If you guys do not like this then comment and i will stop making and make one more to finish the seris. Thanks so much for taking it. I really hope you enjoy! :D

Created by: PersonXD

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  1. You are starting as a new student, in 10th grade and have just moved to Florida and are happy to be here with your family. And are even more happy to be with your best friend who moved away three years ago. You two have keept in touch and are happy FINALLY see her again.
  2. You wake up it's 6:30AM. You are pumped for the new school year. You want to make a good impression? What do you wear?
  3. You go down stairs and give your mom who is packing your lunch a hug, and say good moring, and bye to your dad as he leaves for work. Your little brother and older brother are fighting over what cereal is best. David your older brother says, "________, tell Joesph he's wrong!" "WRONG?" Joesph your younger brother calls. "YOU ARE WRONG!" you walk into the kicthen and get breakfest. What do you choose?
  4. "BYE!" you shout as you walk out the door. You run for the bus stop planing on meeting up with your best friend Katie. When you get there the bus is there and you don't see Katie so you get on without her. Katie is already on the bus. The seat next to her was taken "sorry" she mouth. You shrug. She nods her head at a boy who has freackles all over his face, hazel eyes and brown hair that stops right above his eyebrows. He is advrege heigt and muscular. You go over and ask....
  5. ASSUMING YOU ASKED TOO SIT THERE He says, "Sure!" His voice is friendly and makes you like him. "Whats your name? Im Daniel." He smiled brightly and you say,"______." You sit down and llisten to your ipod. "What are you listening to?" Daniel ask scooting closer to see. What do you say?
  6. IF YOU PICKED ANYONE BUT THE FIRST "Cool! I love Lady GaGa! You're new here right?""Yea." "Want to sit with me at lunch you can met my brother Ben and friend Danid." What do you say?
  7. "Ok see ya later, wait do we have any classes together?" "Um.... I don't know." You two compared schudels and it turned out you 1st, 3rd, and 7th with him. "Hey this means we can ride the bus home together." "Ok" you said.
  8. After 1st which was lit you went to math. During math there was one seat open and you took it. The boy sitting there was tall and had dark brown hair that stopped a little below his eyebrows and looked like a tosled mess but was cute on him with brown eyes that melted you. He was wearing Levis with a white shirt that had a blue plaid shirt over it the looked worked for him. "Hi,I'm Ben." he said nodding at you. You smiled warmly and said "I'm_______ are you Daniel's brother?" "Yes. What did he do?" "Nothing I met him on the bus today." You said with a laugh. "But he didn't say that you were a year older than him." "I am." He said mater of factly.
  9. 2sd period went by quickly for the most partyou and Ben talked the teacher could have care less. During 3rd period you met Danid. when you first saw him Daniel had introduced the two of you. "Hi _____ I'm Danid when Daniel said you were beatiful he didnt say you were that pretty." He slimed a crooked grin. You didn't think you were pretty. You had hazel eyes and straight light brown hair that went a little below your sholders. You didn't wear make-up because peole said that your lips had natural color as did your cheaks and your eyelashes were absudly long. People said that you looked like a Vouge model but you didn't think they ment it you were skinny and had some cruves. You blushed. "Thanks your not to bad yourself." It wasn't a lie he had blonde hair then look simallar to Justin Beiber's and pericing blue eyes the color of water, and he was the same height as Daniel and had the same bulid up. This time he blushed.
  10. The rest of the day was fun. you had some more classes with Danid and one with Daniel. Then you and Daniel rode the bus together laughing the whole way. You made five other friends and made your way to the popular group in one day. :D
  11. Please tell me what you think if people like I will continue if not i will make one more so its not left there. Plase comment on your look I might change it. COMMENT . XD thanx bye cya. ps read the first two paragraphs
  12. PS Who do you love?

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