How much do you know about Sly Cooper?

Sly Cooper is a fictional character from the game "Sly Cooper". He has a gang and come from a long line of master thieves. He commits crime and often gets chased by a policewoman. He meets enemies often but always gains sweet Cooper victory.

Do you know everything about Sly Cooper? Are you a true Cooper fan? Do you know the true history of the Coopers? Thanks to my Sly Cooper quiz, you could find out!

Created by: Michael

  1. Let's start. How many permanent members are there in the Sly Cooper gang?
  2. What is Sly's basic weapon?
  3. When does the Sly Cooper movie be released into cinemas?
  4. Who are the other members in the Sly Cooper gang?
  5. How many series of Sly Cooper games have been released until 2014?
  6. What job does Sly do?
  7. Which game console is Sly Cooper played on?
  8. Which of these gadgets is NOT invented by Bentley?
  9. Who is the police officer who always chases Sly?
  10. Which of these names do not belong to a villain?
  11. Repeat question 10.
  12. Where does Sly live?
  13. Which company is NOT related with Sly Cooper?
  14. Almost done. Which period of time was not travelled to in Sly 4?
  15. Last question. What is the finale clip called in Sly 1? (Not credits!)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Sly Cooper?