l-l-love story 2

Ok well you are sixteen and you have moved from New York, America. You have to go to school the day after you move. You meet 3 great guys there called Cooper, Manny and Kendall.

Cooper-Floppy brown hair, little athletic so he has a 4 pack Manny-Short Blonde Bieber Haircut, athletic has a 6 pack Kendall-Floppy Black hair with a green streak, not athletic at all

Created by: tabsta1

  1. "so how was school?" Cooper asks. "It was ok. Apparently you told the whole school about me" "I DIDNT!How could you accuse me of that?" "Because that's what people said to me" "which people?" I dont know...people" You realised that you just got to your house. You opened your mouth to say bye but Cooper kissed you. You put your hands round his neck and he put his hands on your cheekbones.
  2. You push him backwards after a while because you feel like your being watched. You look around and see Manny just standing there...watching. He starts to walk forward towards you guys. You look at Manny, then at Cooper. Cooper then says "I gotta go, Bye". Before you can say anything to him he dashes up the street away from him.Manny stares at you and says "why did you do that?" "i didnt, Cooper kissed me before I". Manny cut you off, his eyes flashed a hint of envy but then he ran off after Cooper.
  3. You watched as Manny ran after him. You ran into the house and dropped your bag inside the door and yelled "MUM! I'LL BE BACK SOON" your mum yelled back "OK,DARLING". You ran off down the road where Manny and Cooper went. All of a sudden you heard a slap, then a cry that sounded like Cooper. "He didn't do it on purpose. Lay off!" and that sounded like Kendall. You went backwards to find where the talking was coming from and there behind a bush was Cooper, Manny and Kendall.
  4. They saw you standing there. "what are you doing here!" Manny said. "I was worried about you guys. Manny what you saw..." you saud but Manny again cut you off and put his hand over your mouth. Then Kendall wasn't there anymore, there was something in his place. There was a Lion there instead. You silently scream,but then your knocked out.
  5. Your lying in a bare room when you wake up with no windows.All of a sudden Kendall comes in "where am i?what's happening Kendall?" "Sorry but we had to take you here because you break the curse" "What curse?" you say then the other boys came in. "This curse" says Cooper. The they all turn into animal's. Cooper is a leopard, Manny is a tiger and Kendall is a Lion. "the person you fall in love with and you kiss, an eclipse will happen and then the curse for that person will be broken" says Manny in a growly voice then they all change back to humans.
  6. "oooooooook" you say. "ummmmm...can i leave this weird room now?" you say "yeah sure" says Manny "we just wanted to tell you in a secret place and now you can get back to your daily life" says Cooper. You leave the room and Kendall says "do you want me to walk you home?" "sure"you say and smile. All the boys take you outside and Manny kisses your hand, Cooper hugs you and then Kendall takes your hand to take you home.
  7. As you guys walk home, you stare into his eyes for a few seconds. "So are you ok about everything?" "Its a bit much right now...but i'll be alright once i've thought it over" "ok i hope i can see you tomorow" "you will alright" You guys get to your house and you turn to face him. "Goodbye" he says and puts his fingers through your hair. "Bye" you say. You back away from him and walk up to the house. You look back and see him walking down the road, he turns round and you both wave at each other. Then you enter the house.
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