How Well Do you know me?

There are many of my friends that I talk to just about all day. But Sometimes I wonder, do my friends even listen to half the things I'm saying? Are my friends 'Layla smart'?I created this quiz to show my friends if they listen to me enough or if they need to listen up.

Do you think you know about me? Do you know what my favorte things are? Until now you can only wonder how much you know your beloved friens layla...But thanks to this quiz I made, in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Layla of
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  1. What is My favorite color?
  2. What is my favorite song?
  3. what's my favorite drink?
  4. What am I obsessed with?
  5. What am I allergic to?
  6. Besides Teddy Geiger who almost like as much as Teddy?
  7. What is my favorite word?
  8. What is my favorite Class?
  9. What is my favorite TV show?
  10. What is my favorite sauce?
  11. What Am I known to do?
  12. What is my favorite store?
  13. What Do I want for my birthday?
  14. Where do I want to live?
  15. If someone pisses me off, what do I do?
  16. What is my number one pet peeve??
  17. Finish this sentence I use all the time: OH MY GOD ...
  18. There's no school like _________ school there's no school I know!
  19. Who's autograph did I not get?
  20. My favorite season is...

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know me?