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Hey guys, this is my one shot. I dunno why I wrote it, I guess it just came out and I hope you guys liked it :) Well, enjoy it kai? I am so grateful for Gotoquiz

I seriously want to know who is the maker of Gotoquiz? That person must be really awesome, and intelligent. I also like Quotev and fanfiction.net but GTQ is still way better

Created by: Aria
  1. Welcome to my One Shot. LOL. I dunno why but I was just so angry at myself and this guy so I decided to write a one shot. It's not very long so don't blame me. Well, Keep calm and scroll down :)
  2. It was the dead of the night. Not a sound could be heard, even the animals outside were silent, but she, was wide away. A lonely girl of fifteen, unknown to the world was sitting there, not sure of what to do. She was just confused. She thought 'Is this real?' Everything had fallen apart and she didn't know what to think because a few hours ago, something happened that changed her life forever. Let's go back shall we?
  3. *Five hours ago* Nathalie was just randomly skimming through her favourite book, 'The Gathering' by Kelly Armstrong as her family drove down the lonely road. There was an uncomfortable silence upon them. Ever since Nathalie got in the car, no one said a word. Her parents were giving each other looks, though, everytime she said something. She questioned, "Hey Mum, where are we going?" Her father snapped, "Be quiet Nathalie."
  4. After a few minutes, her head started to hurt as though someone was taking a knife and piercing her head with it and all she could hear was this whizzing sound in the distance. She held her head and cried in agony, "What's happening?!" Her mother looked at her and said, "Don't worry. We're taking you to a special doctor. He'll take good care of you." Nathalie wasn't sure what to make of it. Ever since they moved to California, her parents have been acting weird, having conversations with people on the phone and when she walks in the room, everything gets silent. There were times when strange men came to talk to her father. Whenever she tried to eavesdrop, her mother would send her to her room. The pain was unbearable, everything was blurry and the last thing she remembered was her mother injecting her.
  5. She woke up in a hospital bed, or so she thought. There was no one around and she started to panic, seeing her left hand hand-cuffed to a bed-head. She screamed, "HELP!" with urgency in her voice. What else was she supposed to do? She heard a rush of footsteps coming her way. One of the men who was talking to her father was standing before her with a nurse-like lady.
  6. What was going on? Why was she here? Where are her parents? All these questions, she needed to be answered. The man with untidy black hair, crooked nose and spectacles said, "Hello Ms Gayle. I am Mr Martinez and my study group and I have been researching on your illness. You are here because you need to be cured." She interrupted, "What is the name of your group?" He said, "Julius, why?" She shook her head but Nathalie knew a little about this 'group.' He continued, "I expect you're a little confused but don't worry, everything's going to be sorted out. You're going to be living her for a year or two. School is here and everything. You'll be fine."
  7. The lady took the handcuffs off and said, "Follow me." She slowly got out of the bed, wearing the clothes she was wearing earlier: A v-neck top and a grey skinny jeans. She led herto a hall where a lot of kids Nathalie's age and about a couple of years older stopped and looked at her. She said, "This is Nathalie Gayle. She is new here so be nice." After that, she left Nathalie. She sure didn't sound like she wanted them to be nice, she thought. A girl with sandy brown, shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes said, "I'm Samantha. Hi. Um, you look like you might fall down at a moment's notice. You want some food?" Nathalie shook her head but followed Samantha to the table with Samantha's friends.
  8. Samantha and her friends were discussing something, but Nathalie's thoughts were on something else. This place had about two hundred kids in here. What was going on and why were the kids there? A guy came up to her and whispered, "If you really want to know that, come by the second floor. I'll explain it."
  9. Okay, that's my one shot. Maybe I'll just continue with it, whenever I feel like it. It's not going to be a series. I have to finish Noitect first and Noitect is going to be finish in a few more parts. :)
  10. Well, bye and I hope you enjoyed it. Comment and tell me what you think the Julius group is about. I know I would :)

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