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So, obviously, this has been done before. A lot. GoToQuiz is practically flooded with sorting quizzes. I still wanted to make my own, though, to reflect what I think each of the Houses represents. It's just for fun, and I don't doubt that some people will disagree with my interpretation, but I hope you'll give it a shot and read through the result you get thoroughly.

This quiz is also, in my opinion, pretty hard to guess your way through to get one result or the other. Not impossible or anything, but hard enough that you won't subconsciously pick the result you think will get you the House you want. Basically, I hope you enjoy taking the quiz, and let me know what you think!

Created by: Alex H.

  1. You're taking a very important test in a class you struggle with, one which could have a significant impact on your final grade. You studied hard, and you feel confident answering most of the questions on the test, but there's a few that are totally stumping you. The person next to you tends to do very well in this class and you feel confident you could get away with copying a few of their answers - do you?
  2. You're a manager in charge of deciding who to hire for an open position at your company. It's down to the final group of applicants, and one of them quite obviously stands out as the best of the bunch. They're fantastic for the job, and you're certain that if they got it, they would be the most valuable addition to the team in quite a while. However, another of the applicants is one of your closest friends. This is a well-paying job in a field they have plenty of experience with, and you know they've been struggling to stay afloat lately financially. They'd probably be quite good in the job, and it would really help them out, but objectively speaking, the other candidate is more qualified. Who do you give the job to?
  3. You've been offered the job opportunity of your dreams- the kind of position that sets you up to become the very best in your chosen field, highly skilled and successful. However, the place offering you the job has a history of corruption scandals, ones that hurt ordinary people, and your friends and family are concerned when you mention the opportunity. Do you take the job?
  4. Which do you prefer: simple problems of right and wrong or complex issues with no right answer?
  5. Do you prefer to plan in advance or act spontaneously?
  6. Which do you value higher: absolute freedom to do what you want or close connections to other people and material things?
  7. Do you prefer to be brutally honest about who you are even if it drives people away or smooth over the rough edges and present the best version of yourself?
  8. How much should we value tradition?
  9. Which is closest to being your ideal support network?
  10. What would you be most willing to sacrifice your life for?
  11. Which word describes you best?
  12. Which ideal do you value more?
  13. How would you rather be remembered?
  14. Die young or live to old age?
  15. Caring but gullible or smart but uncaring?

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