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Harry Potter was in Gryffindor house. Where would you be? There are four Hogwarts houses, each with unique traits and abilities. The sorting hat was able to place students in one particular house, offering a chance to choose when the numbers were close (as was the case for Harry Potter). Find your best suited house, but remember that the choice is ultimately yours.

There are countless quizzes out there for Hogwarts houses. This particular quiz aims to apply the questions to real life. There are no imagining what you would do if you were a wizard. It's all about real life and how you are.

Created by: pumpkincookies
  1. Are you warm and friendly to people when you meet them?
  2. Are you a loner?
  3. Do you judge people when you first meet them?
  4. Do you like learning from textbooks?
  5. If a friend asks for a really big favor, what is your first response?
  6. You find out a school project is due earlier than you thought it was. How do you handle the news?
  7. You don't like to waste time. Everything you do must count for something.
  8. Are you accepting of people different than you? Whether it be race, sexuality, religion, etc.
  9. Do you like sports?
  10. What would you most like to watch on TV?
  11. Were you ever or would you have wanted to be a member of a student council?
  12. Do you like acting?
  13. Do you like art?
  14. Do you like music?
  15. Are you flirty?
  16. You hear a particularly juicy rumor. What do you do?
  17. In your group of friends, you tend to be _____.
  18. You mostly use the computer for ____.
  19. How frequently do you/did you study for a test?

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