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Hi everybody! How are you? Just a remainder, This quiz series is dedicated to 'The Amazing Aria' Be Aria and Be Nice. I want to thank ''mcqueen'' for giving a shoutout to me in her quiz. It was so nice of her. Thank you so much :D Now excuse me, I got work to do.

Ashley Hayden [YOU] : Petite, Jet black long poker straight hair with blunt bangs, Brown eyes. Sydney Hayden : Tall, Light blonde long wavy hair with lots of loose waves giving plenty of Volume, Blue eyes. Keith: Tall, Jet black short straight hair, Green eyes. Brad: Tall, Dirty blonde medium straight shaggy hair, Grey eyes. Mystery Girl : Red hair.

Created by: SimplyDawn
  1. 'Hello' you said lamely. 'Um... Is this Ashley Hayden?' he asked you. 'Yeah its me Keith' you said in a very low tone. 'Sorry for disturbing but do you know where your sister is?' he asked you. His voice doesn't sound like he's concerned. 'What? She isn't with you?' you asked him suspiciously. 'No she is not with me. This is the 4th time she's been like this' he said with little annoyed. 'What do you mean by 4th time Keith' you asked him confused. 'This is the 4th time she's not showing up on our date' he said. 'What? Wait... If she doesn't show up means you should call her not me' you fumed. 'She's not answering my calls and its obvious that she wants to dump me' he replied quickly. 'Really? If there is any problem between you two you should talk to her. I don't want to do anything with your relationship. Now excuse me, i've got work to do' you hung him up without bothering for his reply.
  2. Immedietley you called Sydney. 'Hey ash! What's wrong' she sounded normal. 'huh... Nothing, where are you?' you asked Sydney. 'I'm on a date with Keith. Din't i tell you?' she asked you. 'Oh! Sorry i forgot. Enjoy your date. Bye' you said hurriedly. 'Bye. See ya' sydney disconnected the call.
  3. ||Ashley's P.O.V.|| My phone rang. When i saw who is was, i was shocked to see it was from Keith. 'Keith' i muttered. I have no idea why he was calling me. I hesistated to answer him. Actually i din't want to answer him. But, that won't be nice. So, i answered him 'Hello'. 'Um... Is this Ashley Hayden?' he asked me. His voice. . . . Is so addictive. He uses lots of UMs. I answered him rudely and hung him up. I din't meant to be rude but i have to. I was shocked to hear what he said. I just can't believe. Sydney loves him to death. She never told me that she was unhappy with him or anything like that. Syd wants to dump him? Its foolish. Who would do that? Would you be able to stop liking Kris and Jack of Don't leave me hanging? No. Nobody can do that. Its the same here. Who would like to dump Keith? I immedietly called Syd. She said she's on a date with him. I'm confused. I don't know what's going on. I don't know who to believe.
  4. ||Ashley's P.O.V.|| I can't jump into a conclusion that Keith was lying just because Syd was my sis and she'll never lie to me. Keith was not that type of guy. I have so much respect for him. But at the same time, Sydney also won't lie to me no matter what. I mean we were besties. There's no secrets between us. But, since it was Keith i believe that Sydney was lying. Yeah i trust Keith more than my own sister. I finished my remaining homework, had a quiet dinner and went to sleep.
  5. You woke up in the middle of the night. You checked the wallclock. It was 2:35AM. The thoughts of Syd and Keith was still running in your head. You took your mobile phone out and saw a text from Keith which read: ''Hello Ashley, I'm sorry that i disturbed you. It won't happen again. Please forgive me''. You put the mobile on the bed and got out of your room. You walked to Sydney's room. You quietly got into her room and saw she was asleep tight. You slowly tiptoed towards her and grabbed her mobile from beside her pillow and tiptoed out of her room. You ran through her calls history and found that she haven't answered several calls from Keith. But wait... What the hell?!. . . .
  6. You saw there are more than a dozen of calls from Brad to Syd and Syd to Brad. You checked her inbox. You found Syd and Brad sexting. You collapsed to the floor. Sydney is having an affair behind Keith's back. You found her cheating. Tears ran on your cheeks endlessly. Soon your eyes swelled and pained immensely. Suddenly a memory of Keith kissing a Red headed girl drenching in rain flashed before your eyes. You felt like your heart was crushed under a rock.
  7. You lied on the floor crying for hours without knowing. At last you came into reality and realized it was early morning 5am. You walked back to Sydney's room and woke her up. 'What do you want Ash, let me sleep' she said half-sleepily. 'I want to know the reason for you cheating on Keith with Brad' you said with no emotion. 'What?' she jumped of out of the bed saying. 'Now i know everything about you Syd. I saw your mobile' you said revealing her mobile in your hand. 'You have no right to take my mobile without my permission' she hurriedly grabbed her mobile from your hand angryliy. 'Keith called me yesterday and told me you've been avoiding him and for the 4th time you dint showup for you dates' you said in a sarcastic tone. 'What?' Sydney puzzled. 'Syd what happened to you? I thought you loved Keith so much. Why are you lying all this time' you questioned Sydney calmly. 'I don't love Keith anymore' Sydney replied quickly.
  8. 'What' you asked her shocked. 'I din't want to lie anymore Ash' she replied. 'How could you possibly stop loving him Syd?' you asked her tears forming in your eyes. 'I loved Keith truely. But then i realised that i fell in love with the wrong guy when i met Brad' she defended. 'So, you decided to cheat on him? Great' you said mockingly. 'No. I don't want to hurt him. That's why i din't dump him. I once loved him Ash' she pleadingly said to you. 'So?' you asked her. 'So i decided to make him dump me. I started picking fights with him for silly things. I kept avoiding him. I planned the dates and ended up not showing and so on. I only did those to make him dump me. Please understand Ash' she said with tears. 'Yeah i understand. You know what? I hope you stay faithful to Brad' you literally screamed and stormed out of her room.
  9. You came back to your room and took deep breaths. After a couple of minutes you picked up your mobile and made a phone call to Keith. 'Ashley' he said. 'Yeah its me Keith. I need to talk to you' you told him in a very low tone. 'About what?' he quizzed. 'About Sydney' your voice cracked while saying that. 'Can we talk in school?' he asked. 'No i'm not coming to school today' you replied. 'So, where you want me to meet you?' he asked. 'At the coffeehouse that we met last time' you said 'Fine. I'll see you at 11' he replied. 'Yeah thanks a lot' you thanked him and put the phone down.
  10. You gone through your morning routine. Sydney already told a fake story as the reason of you two shouting. You told your mom that youre meeting a friend today so you won't be able to go to school. You decided to wear a one shoulder black cocktail dress paired with black sky high heels. You put your hair into a ballerina bun at the nape of your neck. Weared a long earring and a minimal makeup. You picked a cab and left your home.
  11. Soon you reached the Coffeehouse. You realised that Keith is already waiting for you. He looked stylish and handsome. He was wearing a black button-up shirt and dark blue jeans. His hair styled spikey in the front as usual. You can't take your eyes off him. Somehow you pulled yourself together and walked to him. 'Hi' he greeted you. 'Hey' you said in reply with a fake smile. You ordered hot chocolate for both of you. You waited for sometime for him to break the ice between you two. But he doesn't say a word. So, you slowly began to explain the things about Sydney. When you finished explaining you felt awful. Still he din't say a word. All he's doing was staring your face. You looked away as you can't stand his Piercing Green eyes. 'Guess what? I never loved your sister anyway. And i know you know that. If it is not because of you, me and your sister would not even be friends today. I hope by now you realised your big mistake. Atleast try not to make the same mistakes again' he said angrily and left.
  12. ||Keith's P.O.V.|| When she called me to meet here, I rightaway knew that she realised her mistake. If not, she would not even talk to me. I saw her coming towards me. I just can't take my eyes away from her. She looked gorgeous. She was every guy's dream. When she finished telling the stuff that i already know, i yelled at her and left. Afterall, she's the one who ruined my life, she's the one who took away the girl who i loved more than anything away from me. Its not my intention to make her feel hurt. I wanted her to regret the wrong decision that she made long time ago. Before leaving, i turned back to look at her. She was wiping away the tears from her face. A memory of Me kissing a Red headed girl drenching in rain flashed before my eyes as i left.

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