15 minutes alone with this person

Sometimes you love people, Sometimes they are who you unbearably dream about, Sometimes you plain hate them or sometimes you'll find you wish for more but they'll always just be a friend.

The person that comes into your mind.. Will you be a lover, friend, wisher or hater of them? Take this quiz to find out which, or else you'll never know truly how you feel about them.

Created by: wuu2 babe

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  1. **Wait for the first person you think of to come into your mind and use this person** 1st minute: They ask you to kiss them, What do you say?
  2. 2nd minute: They look you in the eyes and tell you they have serious problems they want to talk with you about, What do you say?
  3. 5th minute: They hold out something to you, a present, and it's the last thing you've ever wanted and you hate it what do you do?
  4. 6th minute: They say to you 'I've always wanted to spend 15 minutes alone with you.' What do you say back?
  5. 8th minute: They grab hold of your hand and refuse to let go, What do you do?
  6. 9th minute: They tell you your the only person worth your time, What do you tell them?
  7. 11th minute: They ask you if you love them?
  8. 12th minute: They ask you if you want to stay with them for longer than the 15 minutes, since it'll all be over in 3 minutes.
  9. 14th minute: It's nearly over. If you don't tell this person you love them, they will die.
  10. 15th minute: You're forced to leave them. Would you spend time alone with them again?

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