are you your own person

Are you your own person may seem like an easy question, but what if you ask it to yourself? Did you like the answer? Did you get an answer? I think if you said no to either of these then you should take this quiz.

Are you REALLY your own person? Have you ever wondered that? All you have to do is take this quiz. No strings attached. It will only take a couple minutes.

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you dress?
  2. Do you care about what people in general think of you?
  3. Do you think your your own person?
  4. If people tell you what to wear, do you listen?
  5. What do you think you will get on this quiz?
  6. Why did you take this quiz?
  7. What do you think of this quiz?
  8. Will you try to change if you aren't your own person?
  9. If someone told you that you were ugly, would you want to run to the nearest mirror?
  10. Will you freak out about the results.

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