your ninja love story part 2!

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ok so this diary entry is that past february so don't tell me you are confused unless you really are,PLEASE!and i hope Viola lover likes her character and btw that's her pic over there!

to:Viola lover hope you like that pic.that's the only one i could find that had the light brown hair with the green eyes! to:all fans please don't forget the movie line contest!if you gotta say the answer then describe what your character looks like and your character's hobbies and/or what they like.

Created by: i'm a ninja

  1. ok if you didn't then please read the top or you will be really confused!!!!
  2. February 13 i am single!tomorrow is Valentines day and i don't even have a valentine!this completely sucks!all of the guys have valentines!oh and guess what!Devon's cousin,Sarah is coming over for a week and we are gonna share a room!she is super cool.we are like sisters!she knows karate and she is really in to tennis!
  3. she is gonna be here in 2 hours!i'm gonna wear...
  4. OMGG Sarah's here!i will write back later!
  5. ...later...Sarah and i had soo much fun!ok first we went to the mall and we bought matching valentines shirts to wear tomorrow!then we went to Jay's girlfriend's Valentine party!it was soo fun!we played 7 min. in heaven!guess who i went into the closet with!Devon!it was sooo funny!we went in and he looked so nervous!but he kissed me and told me that i was his best friend ever and then he smacked my butt!i was right,he is a jerk-off!
  6. february 14 VALENTINES DAY!!!well i'm still single!but it's ok,Sarah is too.ok so i got to school and i was going to my locker and when i opened it i saw i box.i opened it and there was the most beautiful necklace i have ever seen!it must have cost a fortune!but i don't know who it's from!it didn't come with a card or anything so i just left it there and went to go get Devon.when i got back to my locker with him,i opened it and the necklace was gone!!
  7. when i told Sarah she was really creeped out!she was talking about all of this nonscence about ghosts and maybe it's someone that is out to get me and i'm all like what ever!!!
  8. well,hope you like it!sorry if i made any mistakes.i'm rushing to get this done.but first i wanna tell you my valentines story!...
  9. ok so i have a boyfriend named Justin and he was suspended because he is a bad boy(btw thats where i got the idea of Devon) and he bought me a really expensive heart necklace and i was soooooo happy!!!
  10. ok so here is our movie line!!!!......"i vow to always live in the warmth of your heart and always call it home."

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Quiz topic: My ninja love story part 2!