An Odd Love Story (part ten)

Thanks to my commenters-Firey_Soul( when I read your comment I couldn't stop laughing), _ViolaLover_ (love the idea!), Puffball(Haha I'm sure there are lots of girls who would fight you for him :) ), and sundaisy ( sorry it took so long). Thanks!

This is part 10 for a good reason, please take the others first! Part 10, again I'm sorry, will be made soon! Please rate and comment telling me who you like! Thanks and have a fun time!

Created by: icinoddness
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  1. Creits to _ViolaLover_ for the awesome idea! I decided to use your idea. I hope you like it!
  2. Please rate, comment, and please please please take the Beautiful Secrets quizzes! They are super awesome! Dannica wrote them and she really wants them to make the front page. Thanks!
  3. So, Dakota says he will be volunteering at the animal shelter later this afternoon. You ask if you can come with him. He says "Sure, as long as you don't mind poop too much." You laugh and he says see you later. Dakota is really sweet for doing this, you think.
  4. You get a text. You look and see its from your cousin, Daniel. Hey, wassup? Nothing, you text back. Well, Nothing is bad, I'm coming down there to see you, oh, and Aunt Jenny too. Cool, you text back. Cant wait to see you. You are excited that your cousin is coming down here to see you. But, he is your older cousin and you can already feel the punches in the shoulder. You head into school with your arm hurting.
  5. After school, you head over to the local animal shelter and see that Dakota is already is there. Another womanworking there said "So, ya brought a friend this Wendsday?" "Ya this is Carrie." You smile and wave. Ok, today we need to walk some of these guys. You grab a leash, hook it up to a German shepard. Dakota gets a border collie. You bring them outside. This is a great thing you do every week. Ya, well, I once I had a dog that was hit by a car. They saved her life. This is the least I can do.
  6. You finish walking all the animals, clean out and clean the cages, and feed and gave the animals water. After they all ate, you give them some lovings. Volunteering has given you the greatest feeling in the world. The pets are very loving, and you feel bad for them.
  7. Its getting late so you call your mom to pick you up. That night you dream of the guys. You like them all so much, you can't decide who you like most. You have a dream that you go to school with no clothes on. ( The most embarrising dream ever!) You get up and go to school. You see that the school has put up notices for the prom. This makes your problem even more pressing.
  8. Well, thats all folks! Thanks for taking my quizzes!
  9. Please rate and comment telling me who you like!
  10. By the way.... I'm sorry but the next part is also part ten. I would change it but I don't know how to change the titles.

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