Your Love Story

I'm a young writer and I love to share my short stories with you. Please comment with any tips, questions, and reviews! I love hearing from you! Thank you so much!

Three guys. Three love stories. Which will you chose? Will it be Leo? Or Nathan? Or even Dillion? Please wait for part two, this is just a short intro!

Created by: jellycakes999
  1. Welcome! This quiz is about three different love stories- Leo, Dillon, and Nathan. Answer the questions and read the introduction to your story! Part 2 is coming and it is going to be a lot longer!
  2. Your ideal guys eyes are:
  3. Your ideal guys hair color is:
  4. Your ideal guy is:
  5. On a first date, you'd like to:
  6. How many girls has he dated?
  7. You hate guys who:
  8. Part Two?
  9. Comment?
  10. Rate?

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