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Hey guys! It's DaughterOfPoseidon! So this is a story of a girl named Millie. She's in Junior High, Grade 9. This part is just like an introduction. It might seem a bit boring (Being honest.) but it's not staying like this for long

So the next parts are going to be more interesting. By the way, if you liked this. Then comment and rate! I love getting feedback on my stories(: And thanks for giving me a chance! :D

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon
  1. "So, what are you doing for that essay topic?" I asked. Kimberly wrote something down and looked at me. "Bullying. But I'm not so sure yet.." I nodded and looked at my work. In blue ink, it said 'Why I Hate Society' I figured I should let people know, how society disappoints me. Because, it really does. Really.
  2. I wrote some notes down. Our language arts teacher, Mr. Garret was busy typing something down on the computer. I looked at it, and saw an email. I just couldn't see the words. Call me nosy, but I was bored. I love language arts. Just not the teachers. I looked at Sam, who was sitting two rows away. She mouthed out, "Can you carry my books?" I nodded. I knew she had to run to the cafeteria. The line-up fills up quick within seconds. So while she ran, I usually carried her books to the class. But she also gets me like a bag of chips or a cookie.
  3. I checked my phone carefully, hoping I wouldn't get caught. I checked the time, 10:07. One more minute til our break. 10:08. The bell rang and I rushed up the stairs to my locker. With two binders in my arms, it was hard to do that. One reason is that Sam's binder was torn up and all the papers were at the edge of falling. Let's say she's not very organized. But I can't really say much. Second reason: The corridors were like a herd of elephants. Everyone pushed each other trying to go to their lockers. That's the thing I hate about class changes. We're all going to the same place guys, you don't need to be aggressive about it.
  4. After I got my science book and my socials studies one, I dumped Sam's binder on her desk in homeroom. I saw her walking up the hallway eating a breakfast sandwich and carrying cheezies. She threw the bag of chips at me. I'm not like some kind of slave or anything. Cause' now that I think of it, I'm making it sound like I am. But we always take turns. Sometimes she carries my books up the class. Days like that.
  5. -PERIOD 3- I walked downstairs to science with Kaitlyn. I hate science. It was the most confusing subject, by my opinion. It felt likes hours instead of minutes. I wonder why how time goes by quickly when we're having fun but when we're doing something so boring, it slows down. I guess, I have to look that up. For now, I have to focus on counting down the minutes.
  6. -PERIOD 4- It was almost lunch. About 10 more minutes til the bell rings. I was in social studies and we had Mr. Williams. He was the kind of teacher who wouldn't mind you eating a bag of chips and some Sunny D in the middle of class. Which I was doing at that time. But I wasn't today.. x)
  7. -LUNCH- Me and Kaitlyn went out to lunch together. We always did. In our phone contacts we named each other 'Lunch Buddy'. Oh, and Sam usually tags along with us so we call her Tag Along. So we either go to the cafeteria or go out somewhere. That's what we usually do anyways. So today, we went to the cafeteria. Again, we had to rush to homeroom, dump our binders on our desks and run to the cafeteria. The line up was huge. Luckily, we made it so we were halfway in the line.
  8. We're not very healthy eaters. Kaitlyn usually got a large milk, a bag of chips and four cookies. Sometimes Sam would have a slice of pizza or something like that if it's around. But she's the same. And me? Same as the rest. We went outside and ate our lunch outside. There was a couple of big rocks near school grounds. So we sat there. We didn't like eating our lunch inside the cafeteria because it was usually awkward and busy in there. So we try to stay away from society during those times.
  9. -PERIOD FIVE- We had math. I'm pretty sure, most of us hate math. I know, I do anyways. I'm not really sure, what to say for this. There's really nothing to say. So I guess I should tell you about period 6? -PERIOD SIX- Me and Kimberly walked downstairs to French. It was one of those places where we could just talk. The teacher: Ms. Walsh, was those teachers where she doesn't get mad often. If she does, that would be rare. ANYWAYS. I didn't like french. I wasn't planning on using the language. And I'm not very good at learning languages. So instead, I talked to Kimberly who was at my right side. Stephen who was behind Kimberly. And Sam who was in front of me. Minutes past, conversations started, etc.
  10. -AFTERSCHOOL- I untied my converse and went inside. First thing I did was listen to my music. I use music as my escape. You know, from all the drama, the worries, pressure. Something about music makes the world somehow not exist. I don't what but there is something magically about that.

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