which guy will you fall in love with part 7

There are 4 guys trying to win your heart. There's the hot athlete Seth, the cute nerd Adam, the adorable class clown Josh, and cool unique cutie Alex. You already went on a dinner and movie date with Seth, and a museum date with Adam. It's Alex's turn today.

Okay, we left off where you walked upstairs after you're special time with Alex. You think you see Josh but it's actually Gavin! Okay, are you ready to see which guy you will fall in love with? Oh, and with last time's quiz, the reason Seth's pants where off is because you said he looked better in his boxers. Nothing bad!!

Created by: rebekahgilman
  1. Okay so Gavin is coming closer to you. You really thought it was Josh! What are you thinking?
  2. Alex tackles Gavin to the ground and grabs a pan and smacks him across the head. Gavin's head starts the bleed and you pass out. When you wake up you're on a couch and the boys are surrounding you. Apparently when you passed out, Alex ran to see if you were okay, and Gavin escaped. What are you thinking?
  3. The boys help you up and Alex reminds you that you two have a date today. You head upstairs to get dressed and see Josh in your room. He's sitting on your bed and you sit beside him. "I haven't seen you for awhile sweetheart," he says planting a kiss on your forehead. You giggle and the two of you makeout. He slowly pulls away...
  4. "I won't ruin you're date with Alex" he says slowly kissing you one last time. He snaps your bra and you giggle. He winks at you and walks away. Any thoughts?
  5. You are still smiling and pick out a cute baby doll shirt and jean capris. You walk downstairs and Alex stares. Obvisouly he thinks you look pretty hot, what are you thinking?
  6. "Okay _____ I have a different type of date planned for the two of us," alex starts, "lets take a nice stroll down to the lake and have a picnic." he winks at you. You take his hand and follow him. The two of you arrive at the lake. What do you want to do?
  7. He opens up the picnic basket and gives you a ham sandwhich. Er?
  8. The two of you finish you're picnic and he asks if you want to go swimming and that he brought you a bathsuit. It's that teeny weeny hot one you wore that one day. There's a tree you change behind and you two jump into the lake. It's cold and Alex warms you up. He tickles you and you giggle and splash him. Then he kisses your neck and you kiss his forehead. Then the two of you makeout in the lake. Thoughts?
  9. You climb up onto the pier and he follows you. You are lying next to each other and he leans over and nibbles your ear...
  10. Finally, the sun starts to set and you're still cuddled next to Alex. You pack up and walk back up to the house. You get in Adam says he wants to talk to you. The two of you go to your room and he tells you that he hasn't stopped thinking of you since yesterday. You can't help it and kiss him. You can tell he's shocked, but the two of you get comfortable. He has one of his hands running through your hair, and the other hand is in yours. Then the door opens and Seth walks in.
  11. "Babe, I want to show you something in my room." You give Adam a quick kiss on the check and follow Seth. He leads you down the hall into his room. "What do you want to show me?" He smiles, "Nothing, except maybe this," He takes off his shirt and you see his perfect abs.
  12. You run your fingers through his abs and the two of you lay down on his bed kissing. You fall asleep in his arms and feel like you're on top of the world.
  13. Seth kisses your forehead while you're sound asleep. The two of you fall asleep like that when you hear the door open. Seth looks up...
  14. You see Gavin at the entrance of the door. CRAP! Okay, who do you love?

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