Which person are you most like: Frances, Ellis, Margaret, or Kell

FEMK-(noun)comes from theAmerican names Frances, Ellis, Margaret, and Kelley: definition- the tightest bond of friends you'll ever meet. We do everything together! We tell eachother everything, and every weekend it is our tradition to spend it together- thats what we best friends do. When we are in fights, we see it through, and consult past memories of insiders and fun we've had to realize fighting is pointless. We love eachother like sisters, and we never truly know anyone outside of us fab 4 as much as we know eachother and ourselves. Us four have a friendship others would like to be apart of, but they can't-it's basically impossible! We truly know with our whole hearts that we have only 3 best friends, us, FEMK. It's what we came to be, and when it breaks down to our true best friends- its us, frances, ellis, margaret, and kelley. The sisterhood...friends forever.

Are you a frances? perhaps an Ellis? Maybe a marg or a Kelley...Who are you most like, frances, ellis, margaret, or kelley? take this quiz and find out who you relate to most!

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You have a big date tonight with a hot guy, the first thing you do is...
Homework- have to get that done before anything else
Find the perfect outfit- you don't want him thinking you have no style!
Shower- when it comes to these things, you gotta smell good
Ask your mom- she won't let you out of the house until alll your work is done
Someone you secretly don't like asked you to sleepover this weekend, you....
lie and say you have plans with your 3 best friends.
go with it- you feel bad when it comes to lying to them
ask your other friends what you should say- theyll definately tell you to shoo them away by saying youre busy
The first thing you do at the beginning of the week is...
ask your mom if you can hang out any this weekend-but you'll have to work to earn your freedom
make sure all your work is done and turned in - there's no way you can make a B this week!
call your friends ahead and tell them that you are definately spending the weekend with them- so if anyone asks, you all are busy together
Someone is asking you to help them with some love problems you....
say "dont ask me!"
get them to explain thier situation and do your best to help with your love advice
say it'll be ok, anything to make them smile
your'e at the mall, the first place you hit is....
American eagle
The BeneFit counter at Belk's
the bathroom- gotta get that done before you go on a long shopping spree!
The shoes you wear for a night out on the town are...
chuck taylors
anything with a heel- you have to look better than everyone else!
your best friends are all away at different places and your'e stuck at home, you...
shop online
go on myspace or IM, maybe your friends are on
watch tv
do homework
your'e friends consider you to be...
your favorite animal is a....
your style is...
your boyfrien just cheated on you, you go up to him and...
break up with him nicely (dont want him to think i'm mean or anything)
slap him then break up with him
get someone to break up with him for you
cheat on him, make him want you back/jelous, then drop him
your favorite item of clothing for the winter is/are....
your uggs
your down north face jacket
your horseback riding socks
your long johns pj pants
you and your best friend got in a fight, you...
call and apologize- you love them to much to let them go!
try to pretend your'e not in a fight at all- it feels so much better and you hate people being mad at you
do nothing at all, just act pissed until it passes
your favorite food is...
you absolutely cant STAND....
people who wanna be like you and your bffs
anything fake
being alone
Last Question) Which person of FEMK do you belive yourself to most be like?

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